Red Lollipop Sculpture - 2018

Elena Bulatova, originally from Russia now is an international artist who currently resides in California. Bulatova began painting at a young age, and the arts were and integral part of her childhood.


“In Russia, it’s important that arts be part of your education,” Elena said. “Russia is big in the arts. We have a lot of museums, so when we traveled the first thing we see is art everywhere. I was close to art all my life.” 


Elena’s artworks are now in many private collections in the USA,  Canada, Mexico, Australia, and Russia. 


Elena was nominated by CV Independent readers as a winner in the nomination Best Local Visual Artist in their inaugural Best of Coachella Valley 2014-2015.  Paintings by Elena Bulatova are included in the book "International Contemporary Masters Volume VII" presenting the work of artists and trends in art all over the world. 


Bulatova is a recipient of the prestigious Fox Fellowship at Yale University, as well as a stipend from the French Government in 2004.

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