Juan Sly is an Urban Pop and Street artist from England exhibiting mainly in spray stencils and oils. He has exhibited at the Saatchi (a proper gallery with pillars and everything!) alongside the likes of Banksy, Terry O'Neil, Tracy Emin and Vic Reeves.


Sly’s work can be found in permanent collections in Germany, Detroit and the UK, alongside Damien Hirst and some other artists you might have heard of, plus private collections around the globe. 


Juan Sly had a tough upbringing on the tough side of Tough Town. He had to fight for everything he didn't have. After boxing he did art; after football he did physics; after dark he did many things like opening locked doors especially ones on safes; but he only stole from those who deserved it. He was well known to the police but never convicted.


His works rock from humour to anti-war, sex to surreal. Sly is particularly fond of the stencil medium as it allows him to quickly respond to events and ideas and gives the work that gritty illegal look. The stencils naturally allow the work to be resprayed and so become affordable and disposable. 


Juan Sly likes the fact that people can buy art that they like and not show off how much they can afford. You can find his work in private collections or just as likely stuck to a fence in Bristol. Sly likes to take images from popular culture of today and yesterday and create a new concept that says something to current audiences. Sometimes serious sometimes fun or both: he has lived a weird life which explains a lot…

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