S.B. Tômas was born in Budapest on March 27th 1958. 


His father was a bookseller specializing in classical Hungarian literature; his mother sold coffee in Teleki Square. 


As a grade-schooler, Tômas would sneak into neighbors’ attics where he stumbled upon old copies of La Vie Parisienne, a mildly risqué erotic publication, as well as the ‘penny dreadfuls’ his Aunt Jin was addicted too. 


Subject matter of these tales focused on the exploits of beautiful women detectives, criminals, and other beautiful women. Most of all Tômas loved the pictures. He still does.


When he was just seventeen… he ran away from home with only a suitcase stuffed full with drawing paper and a half drunk bottle of A. de Fussigny.


After a series of escapades, Tômas moved West and sought out members of any movement that would have him.


During the lean years Tômas’favorite quote was by Diogenes who said “What I like to drink most is wine that belongs to others.”


S.B. Tômasturned that philosophy to his advantage through an artistic style that can be labelled “Pulp Humbles Masterpiece”.  


The whereabouts of S.B. Tômas are unknown at this current moment in time. Who wants to know…


- Hannah Mariah Finch, Bisbee, October 2019

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